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November 9, 2009

Are you a font person?

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Many of you have heard Steve Jobs talk about his love for Calligraphy (just in case here is the video) and it is evident that it shows in all of Apple designs. I am also a true believer that a stylish written phrase can impact more than the same phrase written without style.

  • Which One Is Better?
  • Which One Is Better?
  • Which One Is Better?

There are millions of websites, press releases, PPT presentations and e-mails that forget to make use of this simple principle. As a Marketing Communicator, I understand the importance of getting people’s attention through stories that are clear, concise and precise. But if I have the ability to make these stories and texts more effective, why not use it?

Now the web is full of great fonts. Everyday there are new ones. Everyday we can make our communications and designs a bit nicer and with greater impact. I found this great Blog about typography that I completely recommend if you want to know what’s new with fonts and to see great examples of how to use them. The Blog is called I love typography and it has become my fonts source.

From now on, you can increase the impact of your communications by using the right type of typography. However, do not forget who your target audience (buyer-persona) is and plan your communication accordingly.


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