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February 15, 2010

Hey, that Brand is my Friend

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I was fortunate enough to hear Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg talk about Facebook and its use in Business Marketing. Even though the Keynote was very Online Marketing 101 (basic notions), it did point out some interesting facts from which it is possible to extrapolate some conclusions.

  1. To understand where technology is headed, it is indispensable to analyse what technologies and what mediums are teens using nowadays. In that sense, the trend seems to be (you guessed it): Text. Only 14% of teens use e-mail.
  2. Facebook has 400 million users and it has been translated into 70 languages. Interesting enough, the translation was made not by Facebook employees, but by users (French was translated in 24 hours) showing the growing importance of Online collaboration.
  3. Facebook has 100 million mobile users and it’s the most downloaded iPhone application. This is another example (as in the first point) of the importance of mobile.
  4. Facebook fastest growing demographic is 35 and over. Even though each segment uses the site in a different way, it shows that Online communities are not only for teens.
  5. In the UK, 50% of the time spent surfing is in Facebook  and 10 million people (worldwide) Fan a page each day. This figure shows that it is a must to leave the silo structure of a webpage and start interacting with your segment in other meaningful ways.
  6. The most important conclusion from this presentation and that applies to all social media sites, is that these types of technologies (social media) give a brand the alternative to have authentic two-way communication. It presents a way to transfer the inefficiency of word of mouth into a powerful “massive” reality. This is just a more precise example of point number 5. It is a must to step away from the Online Catalog structure and move into the real conversation model.
  7. And last but surely not least something that did not come from her speech; something that is starting to get attention amongst the industry experts: Project Titan. It looks like Facebook is going to enter the world of e-mail allowing POP and Imap. However, you could only receive e-mails from your friends, groups or fan pages. Your address would be your vanity url (Facebook short name) @facebook.com. If this change truly happens, e-mail campaigns will achieve a new meaning.

All in all, the opportunity is there for brands to embrace mobile and the easiness that such technology provides to be part of the “social” environment. The key will be highlighted in the effectiveness of companies to show its brand as an honest entity. A figure that listens, talks and intereacts to consumers in a human way. A company with soul. A company that I can easily call “my friend”.


October 29, 2009

Social Media: its role in Inbound Marketing

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Finally Bing and Google announced that they have finalized agreements with Twitter to begin incorporating Tweets into their search engine results. Not only that, but Bing also will start incorporating Facebook Status Messages in its SERPs. According to PC Magazine “Only status updates that users have chosen to share publicly will be included in real-time search results. Microsoft has a stake in Facebook and an existing relationship, which might explain why Google is apparently not even trying to negotiate a similar arrangement.”

There is a beta version of this new social media search in Bing: bing.com/twitter

The important part of these announcements as a marketing professional is the, now more than ever, importance of social media as part of your overall inbound marketing strategy. Not only is it necessary to communicte with your customers and to promote content, but it has become yet another tool to generate traffic and leads.

It is hard to now how the search algorithm is going to be influenced by this new social media search, but what it is clear, is that in the near future being on top of the social media part of a company’s Online marketing strategy is going to be as decisive as the optimization of websites and the creation of content.

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