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November 5, 2009

Please don’t write melodramas in my Facebook wall….

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This is one of the catchy phrases sang by Esteman in his new hit song “No te metas a mi Facebook” (Don’t go into my facebook). This colombian artist takes a trendy reality like Facebook and criticizes the new meaning of Friendship that the Social Atmosphere has given to the original significance of this relationship.

Esteman sings in a very catchy rhythm that “Out of 620 FRIENDS, you relate with 10, 90 unknown people plus 60 FRIEND requests”. He says that now, more than ever, you should apply the -rule- and put MAYBE to every event invitation, because its seems like everyone wants you to be everywhere and your life has become complicated trying to guess to which one of your FRIENDS invitations you should go.

Lets make this an Internet Meme and show everyone that even Social Media sites can be the subject of your thoughts.


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