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January 7, 2010

I’m a professional, I know more than you

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When you decide to employ a focus group to explore customer’s attitude towards a new development (advertising, packaging, name, good/service, etc), you do so to truly see if there is potential for it and, if, changes need to be made.

As not every new idea will work, you are bound to find circumstances where the customers will disagree with the proposition at hand. The brand owners, the creative team, the design crew, or in general terms the development coalition will face a difficult situation: “a clash of perspectives”.

How to clearly understand and interpret that the customers’ perspective has nothing to do with your ability to predict, apply and execute new advancements?

Well, Focus groups are a part of market research, and as such, it gives great qualitative feedback that can be used to explore the feelings and thoughts of customers in a precise manner. In addition to other market research data, experience, and/or intuition, it can become a powerful tool for decision making.

However, don’t fall in the trap of disregarding negative feedback to your “project” just because you are trying very hard to make it work. Do not force it. And most of all, avoid ignoring the negative feedback on the basis that you are an expert and knowledgeable in your field (marketing, advertising, design, etc), and they (people in the focus groups) are not!

Refrain from thinking that because you are a professional you know more. That will only skew your final decision towards something you want and not towards something your target market wants.


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