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November 22, 2009

To fail or not to… that is the question

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Amazon finally failed…..

After years of buying from them, I finally had to make a customer service claim. And guess what? They didn’t disappoint me again. Their respect, understanding and most of all commitment to make online purchases as safe and reliable as possible has made me write this post. Kudos! Amazon for a great customer service!

Now that my public service announcement is out of the way, I can get to discussion at hand: the customer service paradigm.

What would you rate as a better customer service:

  • A company that never fails?
  • A company that fails and swiftly responds with a solution?

(keep in mind that I will play the Devil’s Advocate for both sides)

A company that never fails: You are having a love affair with it. Your relationship cannot get any better. You demand, they respond. So far the client-customer relationship has been impeccable and it’s impossible to trace an ink of disgust from your part. As this relation gets deeper, your interaction becomes stronger and more frequent.

Then there, the probability of not performing increases (the more you get on an airplane, the more changes you have to experience a plane failure). You start thinking what would happen if suddenly something goes wrong. Can they amend their mistake? Are they willing to take responsibility? Are they prepared to respond?

Perhaps now you start questioning your trust in this company.

Nonetheless, nothing has gone wrong, so why would you expect for them to fail?

A company that fails and swiftly responds with a solution: Now you are in a relationship with ups and downs. You love each other but external and internal factors have contributed to the encounter of “little” slip-ups . Yet, you recognize that no one is perfect and that mistakes are bound to happen (all of them in good faith). The best of it all, is that you see the other side fixing its faults and getting better everyday. It has become reliable in a sense that you can expect them to take ownership of the problem and come up with solutions.

Then there, why would you be with a company that fails if there is another one that doesn’t? You start thinking how much better your life would be if you didn’t have to communicate with its customer service department. Are they going to keep on failing? What if this was not just a one time thing?

Perhaps now you start questioning your trust in this company.

Nonetheless, you understand that there are external factors that are sometimes unpredictable. So far they have listened to you and executed their solution in an optimal manner.

So the paradigm arrives: what would you prefer? what is better customer service?


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