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November 17, 2009

Is Online Copy Off-line?

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The biggest difficulty when writing Online copy is making the reader take that extra step; to engage him/her enough so that it forces a click, whether it be a banner ad, a text ad, an e-mail or an e-article . In the Offline world the reader has already opened the magazine/newspaper, already tuned in to the commercial, or has already made visual contact with different tangible elements. Jordan Gold of Freedom, Inc says it very clear “You put the same headline that you use in a newspaper article online, and it’s not interesting”.

At the same time, there exists the argument that your Online reader is different from your Offline one, and that you should respond accordingly. One person reading an article in a physical newspaper is not likely to read the same article if he goes Online. For what reason did he/she preferred the tangible option? is it inferable that he/she could be group into a different segment from that of the Online reader of the same article?  If the first person goes Online, what does he/she read? and why? How can I write copy for both if they have different reading patterns, interests, motivations or education?

Then, the value of knowing your audience and the reasons of why they prefer one platform or the other, really peaks. Figuring out your buyer persona and communicating to them in terms they fancy, will greatly improve your copy. And don’t worry if “this writing” is not what your teachers taught you, or if goes beyond the invisible standard of what’s good. The overall objective is to communicate and engage, and if you are doing it in the language of your audience, your getting results.

So if you are in charge of making copy for both platforms, don’t make the mistake of duplicating. Research both audiences and write accordingly.


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