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April 15, 2009

Working with an Interactive Agency

One of the biggest issues in creating a successful Internet Marketing Campaign is establishing a sound alliance with the corresponding agencies. After hearing Allison Lohse of Razorfish speak on how her agency has come to this integration and after getting a hand on an article from Carat Fusion, I’d like to share this best practice:

1. Make it Mandate

  • Define what you mean by integration (Strategic? Execution? Both?)
  • If you are a client, mandate integration among partners
  • If you lead an agency team, work closely with client to get them to mandate it

2. Make it Easy

  • Develop processes and “ways of thinking” that will enable it
  • Eliminate silos in your own organization
  • Be open, forget traditional conventions

3. Develop a Process

  • Work with your various partners to develop one communications briefing document. 
  • Brief all partners at the same time
  • Make the desired outcome clear

4. Don’t stereotype each medium

  • Need to show how online can present the emotional side of a brand (flash, video, podcasts, blogs)
  • Use your rich media partners to put this together, they have a vested interest as well

5. It’s not just about offline and online media. Consider:

  • Web development
  • Promotions
  • Events/ Experience Marketing
  • Multicultural
  • Public relations
  • Alternate Channels

6. When you or your team have done a well-integrated job, celebrate it

  • Capture it and share it
  • Draw conclusions an implications for future programs

No doubt that the weakest link in this integration is the desire to not integrate.


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